MLB Top 10 Power Rankings: July 2, 2013 (NEW FORMULA) – Sideline Mob

The Red Sox are this week's #1

The Red Sox are this week’s #1

We here at SidelineMOB hate being arbitrary. We have no problem being ballsy, opinionated – even downright wrong once in awhile. But we absolutely despise doing things with no rhyme or reason.

So Steeze and the team at SidelineMOB have spent the last few weeks devising a solid, mathematical formula to cover our Major League Baseball power rankings in a way that is both precise AND easy to understand. It combines team wins and league-wide team statistics with current measures of how a team is trending and performing against its own division.

Here’s a breakdown of how we rank each team in Major League Baseball as of now:

Team Power Ranking = Wins + (Run Differential/10) + Division Standing (5 pts for 1st place, 1 pt for last) + (Wins in Last Ten Games * 2) + (Expected Team Wins/10) + Record vs. Own Division (5 for 1st, 1 for last) + (Inverse Team OBP Rank/10) + (Inv Team ERA Rank/10) + (Inv Team Errors Rank/10).

A few notes to help you make sense of this. When we say Inverse Team Rank, we rank every team in MLB from #1-30 in that category. The top-ranked team gets 30 points, 2nd place gets 29, down to 1. That number is then divided by 10. Also, division standings and “own division” records are handled the same way. Boston is currently 1st in the AL East, so they get 5 points. Baltimore (in 2nd) gets 4, and so on.

Who are the top 10 teams right now in Major League Baseball – according to our brand new SidelineMOB MLB power rankings formula? It’s time to reveal our latest Top 10 Power Rankings for the 2013 MLB season as of July 2, 2013:

MLB Power Rankings, Top 10: July 2, 2013

1. Boston Red Sox (50-34). (91.4 points)  Here’s a great opportunity to show you our new formula in action. Boston’s formula to jump to #1 in our new power rankings is as follows: 50 wins (50), a +80 run differential (8.0), 6 wins in their last 10 games (*2 = 12), 1st in AL East (5), 50 Expected Wins (/10 = 5), best AL East record vs. own division (5), 1st in team OBP (30/10 = 3), 14th in team ERA (17/10 = 1.7), 14th in errors (17/10 = 1.7) = a total of 91.4 power points – a mere 0.6 points better than our #2 team…

The Pittsburgh Pirates were the first MLB team to 50 wins. Seriously.

The Pittsburgh Pirates were the first MLB team to 50 wins. Seriously. (Credit Connormah)

2. Pittsburgh Pirates (51-30). (90.8 points) No, Pirates fans, we didn’t rig the system against Pittsburgh to keep them out of the #1 spot. The Pirates are having a great first half of 2013, as they were the first team in MLB to reach 50 wins. They have stayed with St. Louis and Cincinnati through 81 games, and now stand alone atop the NL Central as July begins. A true achievement for a team that has been historically futile for 2 decades.

3. St. Louis Cardinals (49-32). (89.9 points) The Cardinals fall out of 1st place in the NL Central, and down to 3rd in our power rankings. Still, that’s only a mere 1.5 points from the top of the rankings. The Cardinals are the model of consistent excellence – 3rd in baseball in team ERA, 3rd in team OBP and (you guessed it) 3rd-fewest in team errors.


MLB Top 10 Power Rankings: July 2, 2013 (NEW FORMULA) – Sideline Mob.


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