Somewhere A Village Is Missing Its Idiot (or) There’s One Dick in Every Crowd.

Boston StrongI believe that the old saying goes “no good deed ever goes unpunished.”  I am not certain if yesterday’s article falls into the category of a “good deed,” but I am confident about the punishment part.  So anyway, here’s the story…

A short time ago in a galaxy not so far away, I penned the article (below) regarding the surprising start to the 2013 Boston Red Sox season.  Of course, I added the necessary “Yankee” reference coupled with the term “Red Sox suck!” which is about just what I hear from every Yankee fan I know.  As a matter of fact, I’m starting to hear it from allot of Rays and Orioles fans too.  Its a game between us.  We say they suck – they say we suck.  Everybody has a hot dog and goes away happy.   Then of course we come to the stereotypical internet troll, darting in quickly in what amounts to the blogger version of a South-Central LA drive-by shooting.  Apparently the much offended respondent had (incorrectly) assumed that I had launched a broadside attack against anyone who preferred the Yankee’s – as if there is really such thing as a totally non-partisan fan of either team.  Just the same I submit his comments for your review:

Oh god the self entitled arrogance is sickening. I haven’t encountered a single person trying to argue Boston is a bad team, so please learn to spell names correctly (there’s no “e’ at the end of Burnett, there’s no “e” in Anibal), and stop treating Yankees fans as a collective group of drooling bros.

One of the bright spots to these surgical comment strikes is the level to which people will go to assure the reader of their “aloofness.”  My first hint was “self-entitled arrogance.”  I am truly perplexed as to how the objective reader might come to the conclusion that the article demonstrated this trait.  As a Red Sox fan, I followed the team throughout the off-season and spring training.  Consistently, most sports writers and pundits did not place much confidence in this team doing well this year – or at the very least, that question remained in doubt. So there I was – at the end of April, attempting to put into concrete terms what the state of the Red Sox Nation was and how the boys were performing.  Quite obviously, this ass-hat never made it past the line containing the words “Yankee’s fans” and of course “Red Sox suck.”  Perhaps at some point blood began to shoot from his eyes…I’m thinking yes.  The words “Anibal” and “Burnett” are spelled correctly.  Exactly where did I begin treating Yankees fans as “a collective group of drooling bros.”  Can’t seem to find that reference either.

Oh!  And the best part was the Coup de gras:

TL;DR: what breed is your high horse?

Now admittedly I am no expert in professional blogging acumen and parlance so I assume this references something like “Too Late”;”Don’t Reply”:what breed is your high horse.  Yep – there we have it.  The police have arrived at the crime scene only to find blood on the sidewalk and a single shell casing remain.  The perpetrator has run off into the darkness.

Not so fast wise-guy.  First, you can save your posing Ivy League educated comments for the small circle of less than endowed friends you probably surround yourself with.  You would be correct if you thought I just referred to you as a self aggrandizing needle-dick.  Second, those of us who obviously feel less “self entitled” still believe “god” should be spelled with a capital “G.”  And as for the breed of my high-horse – it’s a Thoroughbred.  Did I spell that correctly?  Now – who wants a hot dog?

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