Could You Hit a 90-mph Fastball?

Terrific article about the nuances of the “fastball.”

living for science


Like most baseball fans, I spent a large majority of my weekend watching my favorite teams duke it out for some early season wins. The scientist in me loves the game because despite what most people believe, there is A LOT going on, and where there’s a lot going on, there’s a lot of data to be analyzed.

There are between 51-54 outs in your average baseball game (assuming no extra innings), and the average number of pitches thrown comes out around 148. That’s average. If a team is having a rough day, that number could easily surpass 200. Back in the early days of baseball they didn’t record pitch counts, but some historians estimate that the war horse pitchers of old could throw as many as 300 (back then, a pitcher would regularly go an entire game on his own – the term “closer” was completely unheard…

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  1. Well cricket is arguably the toughest game ever played in terms of a combination of physical and mental strength. You need lots of intelligence to play the game since it expects you to excel in three departments batting, bowling, and fielding, the fastest deliveries sent down by a bowler ever was by Jeff Thompson of Australia roughly 100 m.p.h,Brett Lee of Australia clocked 160.2 k.p.h and one particular delivery of Shoaib Akhtar of Pakistan clocked 161 k.p.h. all of them vacillating around the 100 mph mark .Those reverse swinging, in and out swinging deliveries literally give batsmen probably one tenth of a second to settle down to a stroke, then there are those deadly in-swinging yorkers used by Waqar Younis of Pakistan and Lasith Malinga of Sri Lanka with lethal effect and absolutely unplayable. I am of the opinion that cricketers should do well in baseball, but baseball players may find the going tough and in a bit of a spot when it comes to cricket.

    • We totally agree with your thoughts here. Having witnessed a cricket match, the eye-hand coordination required for the game is incredible. And yes, it would probably be much easier for the cricket player to make the transition. Thanks for the insight!

  2. Absolutely, the hand-eye coordination should be phenomenal to tonk the ball around.

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