BONUS BASEBALL IN TORONTO? Can you figure out this Box Score???

One of Saturday’s matinee games went into bonus baseball before the winner was decided.  In Toronto, the Yankees and Blue Jays battled into the 11th inning before the bombers finally put the birds to sleep 5-3?  Vernon Wells sparked the Yankees with a homerun early and later starting an 11th inning rally with a lead-off single and scoring the tie breaking run.  To be honest, the folks here at BBTT headquarters is still trying to analyze the box score and it appears someone at MLB is taking too much medication.  By virtue of the available box scores (we did not view this contest) this game should never had gone into extra innings.  It appears by this graphic that the Jays lead the Yankees 3-2 into the top of the 9th inning and held on to win.  Likewise, it shows the Yankees scoring two runs in the 5th and two more in the eleventh…so where did “5” come from…or is that the new math??



What the Hell?









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