WELLPLAYEDWe refrained from posting this evening because like many of you we were glued to the television watching the unfolding events in the Boston area.  Considering the severity of the incident and the danger to the community there, baseball just didn’t seem that important.

In our own small way, we would like to say thank you to all of the people who assisted in aiding our fellow citizens – the Boston PD, the Massachusetts State Police, the FBI, the DHS, EMS workers, Boston Fire, doctors, nurses, ambulance crews, National Guardsmen and Guardswomen, and the hundreds of concerned residents and visitors who aided the injured and whose names we might never know.

Our very deepest sympathies to the families who tragically suffered the loss of their family members and our sincere wishes for a speedy recovery to those that were wounded.

Some five days after this event and in the last 24 chaotic hours, New England law enforcement officials identified, located and brought the bombing suspects to justice – one way or the other.  Extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary performances – and our officials proved themselves capable of the task.  Well played all – well played.


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