Who would have thought, huh?  After a week and a half of regular season baseball one thing is for certain.  Regardless of pedigree, experience, or special insight, there is simply no way to predict team performances until they step onto the field and PLAY BALL!

Alas, we find ourselves in the dilemma of having to interpret the standings and machinations of the American League East.  Most will agree that the preseason prognosticators will be absolutely proven genius sometime in late June or simply put – they are full of shit.

bosox1Witness the current state of the universe in this division.  Many in the informed media would have theorized a disastrous start to the 2013 Red Sox season.  We are left wondering if their early analysis of this team was either totally myopic or completely one-sided.  Let’s face it – after the disasters called the 2011 and 2012 seasons, the installation of a new manager (and staff), and plenty of new faces who have never played together – even the most objective observer might think these guys are playing for possession of dead last.

Likewise, many have totally discounted the New York Yankees as a traveling geriatric minstrel group who could very well battle Boston all season to see who could finish worse.

So on April 10th, 2013 we find ourselves somewhat perplexed and totally amused. Both Boston and New York have demonstrated (at least thus far) that the old guard will not go quietly into the night.  There has been no shaky start to this year’s installment of the Red Sox who are benefiting from good to acceptable starting pitching and an offensive prowess that makes it look like Zeus himself has descended from Olympus to put lightning bolts in their bats.  Ask the Blue Jays if you need clarification. (Current standing: 1st)

---new-york-yankees-223768_1500_1500The Cleveland Indians have also suffered the wrath of the gods this week from visiting New York.  Sometimes “old” should be translated as “experienced.”  Decidedly, the bombers are not the team they could be – but by the looks of things – they could be dangerous this summer.  As their first line starters begin to rotate off the disabled list, they have an excellent foundation to make a serious run for October. (Current Standing: 2nd)

And then the others….Baltimore – young, highly capable, well managed, and ORIOLESHUNGRY.  All the right ingredients to make a serious case for a post-season appearance.  If not, fans could easily choose them as the #1 suspect to totally spoil someone else’s dreams. (SEE: Boston Red Sox 2011 and 2012). (Current Standing: 3rd)

The Tampa Bay Rays (of St. Petersburg) – another dangerous squad of base burglars and dinger-hitters.  Joe Maddon is perhaps one of the best managers of Raysyoung clubs in the major leagues today.  We suspect he is left wanting for some starting pitching that rivals years past.  He does not have it.  At least not this season.  (Current Standing: 4th)

bluejaysThe Toronto Blue Jays – this is the best team that money could buy.  In fact, the 2013 version of the Canadian wonders is in essence the 2012 version of the Miami Marlins.  The Jays have us (and their fans) totally shaking our heads.  Does anyone else wonder of they paid no attention to the Red Sox organization (ala Crawford, Gonzalez, etc etc).  The good news for the Blue Jays organization is that if these guys don’t work out, its likely the Dodgers will will buy them a second time – the Dodgers; they buy everyone! (Current Standing: LAST)

Who would have thought, huh?



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