More WTF? Baseball Cards – The “Just Damn Odd” Edition #2

Some throw-back cards from yesteryear.  This edition is aptly named the “Just Damn Odd” Edition #2.

ChuckKusickDoes everyone remember the obnoxious guy in high school that always ate with this mouth open, talked loud, and had an opinion on everything?  Yeah, the one who thought he always looked “superfly” when he actually dressed like an idiot and couldn’t find a date with the Hubble Telescope.  Craig reminds us of “that guy!”  We think he may have gone on to star in “Super Troopers,” but were still looking for confirmation for that.


rexhudleruglyThe players of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s had no conception of the internet and social media or the ability of those two mediums to make a total ass of oneself for millions of people.  We’re not quite sure what happened to Rex but we hope he was not relegated to a life of hugging poles.




WillieMirandaLong before PSY came along, Willie Miranda had already mastered the infield version of “Gangnam Style.”



JamieMcAndrewWho in the Marlins organization thought that a Major League baseball players hugging a tree was a good idea for a photo shoot?  First they’re hugging poles – now they’re hugging trees. Dumb – just dumb.  Jamie went on to become CEO of the International Hugging Association – a philanthropic group started by Rex Hudler.




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