Should the Yankees trade Robinson Cano?

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robinsoncanoMany skeptics are predicting the New York Yankees to be septic. The names already on the disabled list read more like an All-Star lineup. Derek Jeter, Mark Teixiera, Alex “Aroid” Rodriguez and Curtis Granderson are currently serving extended stints on the DL. As a result the Yankees have been forced to settle for the aging Lyle Overbay and the unproven Eduardo Nunez to fill some voids. Over the proverbial baseball hill veterans like Vernon Wells, Kevin Youkilis and Travis Hafner have also been brought in to make it look like they are actually trying. Some guy named Chris Stewart was their starting catcher on opening day. Stewart is there because some other guy (who was probably fired) thought the Yankees should trade their top-hitting prospect who just happened to be a catcher for Michael Pineda. Hey Yankees fans remember Jesus Montero? He was the man you traded for Pineda. Pineda did have one very good year in Seattle but he has yet to put on a Yankee uniform due to shoulder surgery. Montero had an encouraging season for Mariners and he appears to a fixture in Seattle for years to come.

This leaves Ichiro Suzuki and the amazing Robinson Cano. Ichiro is also aging but he is still a solid hitter. Cano is one of the top five players in baseball. He is easily the best second baseman in the game today. The 30-year Dominican has progressively gotten stronger and more patient over his eight seasons in the majors. He has produced 115 of 177 career homers over the last four seasons. This lefty slugger also has a career batting average of .308.

Why would the Yankees trade this stud named after Jackie Robinson? There are three good reasons that this would make sense.

1. Cano is 30 years old and players often decline in their thirties, some faster than others. Cano has been a very durable player, which has boded well for the Yankees cause. However 1,200 plus games in an eight year span may also mean his tread has a lot of wear.

2. He is a left-handed power hitting second baseman. Then again so was Chase Utley, who has been a shell of himself in his thirties.

3. He could command a haul. Given the fact the Yankees have so much money wrapped up in older players, they might want to consider seeking two quality prospects that they could control salary wise. Why give another old guy a briefcase full of Benjamins when two boxes of quarters can weigh down some talented kids. Cano is also in a contract year, so his performance this season can really shift the balance of his situation.

Obviously the Yankee the faithful would love to keep him. But, they also need realize that every GM in baseball would probably trade their current second baseman and then some, to get Cano in their lineup.

Is it time for the Yankees to rebuild? Should they sacrifice a player that possibly has two or three elite years left in him? Will Brian Cashman read this? Granted the season is young. But, if the Yankees struggle like the haters hope they will, disagreeable situations could arise. Cano is one of my favorite players on the planet. I see him having another career year this season. I wish him all best no matter who’s lid he puts on next season or later on this year.

Josh Johnson



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