More WTF? Baseball Cards – The “Just Damn Odd” Edition

Some throw-back cards from yesteryear.  This edition is aptly named the “Just Damn Odd” Edition –

Ricky Ledee


Okay, we are having a very hard time with this one here at BBTT Headquarters.  First of all none of us can remember who the hell Ricky Ledee was and second, WTF is up with this pose? We rate this as the #1 “un-masculine” baseball card we have ever encountered. This pose may work well in the “who’s dancing tonight” marquee of the Rainbow Club – buts its just damn undignified for a New York Yankee.  WTF?

Randy McCament

Randy really?  Come on guy!  First of all with teeth like that, close your pie hole, sit up straight and try and look a little tough.  Rated as the #2 “un-masculine” card in the collection, Randy appears mezmorized by something…he just has that “Oooohh, I like that” look on his face.  We just imagine the photographer directing this shot…”give it to me.. Randy, give me sultry…!”  WTF?

Mike Jeffcoat

There is simply no better time to say it!

This is as fucked up as a football bat!  No other commentary required.







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  1. Ricky Ledee was a big-deal hitting prospect in the Yankees organization in the mid 90’s – he would’ve replaced Ruben Rivera (remember him?) as the Yankees top outfield prospect. By the time I saw him play (in ’98 or ’99), he was a 27-year-old Columbus Clipper…and batting eighth.


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