FUCDUPOften times are best efforts to provide accurate (and grammatically correct information) are hampered by the fact that most of us here at baseballtrashtalkin are functionally illiterate.  When it is brought to our attention that we may have erred in the presentation of information or that one of our posts does not meet the high standards of the English Parliament, we will gladly display our “mea culpa” logo which you see in this post.  Please keep in mind that BBTT headquarters is equipped with two computers, one PS3, one AppleTV – and a serious subscription to MLB.tv.  Translated – this means we are posting and watching up to eight games at once.  When you factor in wings, pizza, and yes – adult beverages, the potential for the occasional “oops” grows exponentially.  In the probable event you discover that we have “FUCDUP,” please do not hesitate to bring this to our attention.  No fans will be harmed in the making of a correction.


Categories: FOR THE FUN OF IT!


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