More WTF? Baseball Cards – The “HAIR” Edition

Some throw-back cards from yesteryear.  This edition is aptly named the “HAIR” Edition –


Regardless of how you feel about Pete and his parimutuel issues, the man had some- kind of hair!  You have to admit that his hybrid version of the “Sir Galahad” style was fun to watch anytime Charlie Hustle lost his helmet and started running.





Oscar Gamble sports the 70’s version of the “Mod Squad” hairdo.  Extremely “super-fly” for the times, later studies conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology determined that this style was not the most aerodynamically efficient for his profession.



Coco1Okay this next one is not technically a baseball card, however we have chosen to use this graphic to prove that some players simply do not read the technical reports available (Please refer to M.I.T. Study above).  Coco failed to get the memo and in an attempt emulate his hero, Oscar Gamble – managed to reduce his 40-yard dash time by 0.007 seconds.  Later, under the direction of Red Sox Manager Terry Francona, he streamlined to the “stealth corn row” coif.




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