100 “Likes” Before The First Pitch?


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All of us here at “baseballtrashtalkin” would like to express our sincere appreciation to all of you who have “liked” us on Facebook or visited the website.  It is obvious that the enthusiasm level of baseball fans everywhere is on  the rise.

If you have visited our site then you will have noticed that we do not accept or place advertisements of any kind on our pages.  The Facebook page and our website are labors of love and are not a “for profit” proposition.

There are literally thousand of baseball blogs and as many more websites dedicated to professional (and non-professional) baseball. Trust us – we scour them daily.

We all lead hectic and busy lives and it is our desire to present our readers and Facebook friends with a relaxed “one-stop shopping” place to catch up on their favorite team(s) and the game itself.  We hope you are liking the content offered thus far and will continually strive for improvement throughout this year.  Judging from our site statistics this morning, we are doing a few things right.  Yesterday alone with garnered an additional 50+ “Likes” on our Facebook page. Not too shabby considering we began publishing in earnest (for the regular season) a day and half ago.  We suspect somehow that the word got out?

With just six (6) hours left before the first pitch of the season, and honest wager is active.  Can we push our “likes” to 100 or beyond before the first pitch is thrown? To that end, if you have liked what you have seen so far, we humbly ask that you share our Facebook page with your baseball friends, relatives, co-workers, and pets and ask them to visit us and “Like” it.

Only one thing remains to be said…”PLAY BALL!”


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