And The Yankee’s Just Get Older…WOW!


Lyle Overbay

Lyle Overbay, released this week by Boston has been added to the New York Yankees roster.  Today, the Yankees released Juan Rivera from his minor league contract to make room for Overbay in the NY organization.

Rivera’s spring included hitting .305 (18-for-59) with five doubles and five RBIs this spring. Instead, the 34-year-old was cut after the Yanks signed Francisco on March 11 and added Overbay on Tuesday.

As one Yankee’s supporter put it in an MLB Blog: “Hmm, this really doesn’t make much sense. To cut a guy having a good Spring, in favor of a guy who’s contract was going to expire tomorrow??? Then again, Overbay is older and that seems to be the Yankees logic these days.”

Can’t really argue with THAT logic as it seems the Yankees are intent on building a team to compete in the “Over 40 League.”

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